$190+ Cash App Free Money Code: PZJLKLH (Legit 2022)

👋 Hi there. Looking for how to get a 🤑 Cash App free money code? You're in the right place. We've got some legit ways to get free Cash App money instantly below. ⬇
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So, you’re trying to find a legit Cash App free money code, and I’m sure you’re looking for real money you can get instantly in 2022, right?

Yes? You got it! We won’t waste your time.

💵 Cash App Referral CodePZJLKLH
💰 Referrer EarnsUp to $30
🤑 Referral EarnsUp to $10
💸 Initial Transfer$5
📅 Get Paid WhenAfter Sending $5
💲 Cash OutSame Day
🎁 Current Bonuses4
🏆 Total Bonus$75-$140

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📢 Currently, there are 4 active free Cash App money bonuses to get up to $190 or more.

  • $10 Cash App referral code ($5 for you, $5 for a friend) (instant payout after you send $5)
  • $15-$30 per friend you refer (instant payout after your refer a friend and they send $5)
  • Up to $500 Twitter Giveaway directly from Cash App
  • $50-$100 direct deposit bonus (instant boost unlock after $300 deposit)
  • Up to $50 Off with the 99% off anywhere boost bonus (limited-time w/ cash card)
  • 22 exclusive discounts at places like DoorDash, Starbucks, 7-Eleven, Twitch, Xbox, Playstation, etc (full list here)

We’ll show you exactly how to get all of these bonuses!

Let’s dive right in!

Note: To be completely transparent, the referral code itself will only get you $5 for you and $5 for your friend.

🤑 Get $10 Cash App Code Now​

How It Works:  Send $5 to any Cash App user to get the $5 bonus from Cash App. 

1. Get Cash App here: (iOS or Android)
2. Tap the profile icon in the top right
3. Enter this referral code:

(click/tap to copy)
PRO TIP Invite a friend to Cash App with this code & send them $5.  Then have them send that $5 back.  You both get the free $5 bonus for $10 total!

Also, be sure to check out our full Cash App review for a deeper dive into the question is Cash App legitimate?

How to Redeem the Free Cash App Money Code (2022)


If you’re asking yourself how to earn free money on Cash App, the first thing you’ll need to do is enter a free Cash App money code.

This is the first one to start with as far as Cash App offers.

Let’s quickly look at how to redeem this highly sought-after Cash App money code.

To enter it, you’ll need to follow these steps:

how to enter cash app referral code
  1. Download the Cash App mobile app (either Google Play Store or Apple Store) [1][2]
  2. Register a new account (you’ll need to enter your name & phone number)
  3. Go to your profile page (tap profile icon in the top right)
  4. Tap ‘Enter Referral Code’
  5. Enter the free Cash App money code PZJLKLH

Now that’s just how to enter that Cash App money promo.

If you want to get free money on Cash App, be sure to check out our Friend Split Method (detailed below) to earn up to $40 added to your Cash App balance!

Yep, you read right.

Earn money just for sharing this excellent app 🙂

This is a no-brainer!

Plus, the money gets added to your Cash App instantly.

It’s also worth your time to check out our guide to Cash App referral hacks for the down & dirty of Cash App referral codes and earning money specifically by spreading the word.

How to Get Free Cash App Money Code Instantly

To instantly get this free money, you’ll need to be a new user of the Cash App and transfer $5 to another user to qualify for the free money.

Cash App will deposit the free cash bonus directly into the app when the requirements have been met.

You must complete the requirements of sending that $5 within 14 days of entering the Cash App referral code.

Of course, this method only works for new Cash App users.

11 Ways to Get Free Cash App Money That Work


Here are the best ways to get free money on Cash App:

  1. Sign up with the Cash App free money code
  2. Get the $100 Off One Purchase Boost ($50 to $100)
  3. Get the 99% Off Anywhere Boost (up to $50)
  4. Complete offers & surveys
  5. Refer friends using our Friend Split Method
  6. Invest in stocks with Cash App
  7. Invest in Bitcoin with Cash App [3]
  8. Shop with the Cash App card (debit card)
  9. Sell items & get paid with Cash App
  10. Get paid with Cash App for services offered
  11. Follow Cash App on Twitter & Instagram

1. Cash App Free Money Code: Earn $10 When You Send $5

Currently, you are eligible to receive up to $5 when you sign up with Cash App free money code: PZJLKLH. To obtain the Cash App referral bonus, you need to send $5 to another Cash App user within 14 days of using this code.


How much is my Cash App money promo worth?

The amount of that Cash App free money bonus does vary by user.

Some referral code users show a $5 welcome bonus available, while others say amounts are $10, and even a few have said the promo amounts are $15.

You’ll at least get $5, and your friend will also get $5 for a total of $10 in free money.

No matter how much yours is, it’s super simple to get.

It’s worth a few minutes to invite a few people to sign up and enter the promo code information into their app to receive money through the Cash App referral program.

2. Get the $100 Off One Purchase Boost ($50 to $100)

$100 Off One Purchase-Direct-Deposit

When you get the Cash Card you’ll get access to a cool money-saving feature called, “Boosts”.

This boost will unlock after you set up direct deposit with your payroll provider and complete at least $300 in total deposits.

This boost is being reported to be $50 for some users and $100 for others.

You’ll need to check your app to see which boost is available to you. [6]

3. Get the 99% Off Anywhere Boost (up to $50)

99% Off Anywhere Boost Bonus

Like the $100 Off One Purchase boost, this boost is only available to Cash Card users.

This limited-time boost is only available for short periods of time and is usually announced on Twitter before it goes live.


We recommend checking your boosts to see if it’s available to you. [7]


Recently, Cash App did a 99% off Crocs Boost with a max discount of $50.

This deal is currently expired.

However, follow Cash App on Twitter to find out when the next 99% Off Anywhere Boost goes live.

4. Complete Various Offers & Surveys

As a Square Cash App user, there are a lot of offers & surveys out there that you can take to receive money into your Cash App account.

Such as?

Survey companies such as RewardZone USA and InboxDollars are a great place to start for a quick cash bonus.

If you’ve got a few extra minutes, you might as well receive money for your valuable feedback.

Plus, this kind of thing adds up quickly 🙂

5. Refer Friends Using Our Friend Split Method

How to get free money on Cash App –> the absolute BEST way?!!

Want to use our Friend Split Method to earn $40?

Yes, please.

Follow this easy step-by-step guide, and you’ll have these Cash App bonuses in your Cash App account faster than you think.

The best part?

You can repeat this step-by-step Cash App hack into eternity to refer new user after new user.


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With each person you refer, you’ll continue to earn Cash App bonuses!

So here’s the method boiled down into very simple steps:

  1. Download app & enter free money code
  2. Invite a Friend
  3. Send that friend $5
  4. Friend sends back $5
  5. Send $5 to that friend

We’ve got a little more detail about each of those steps while keeping things nice & simple for those of you who’d like it fully laid out…

Step 1: Download App & Enter Cash App Free Money Code

Download the Square Cash App and enter the free cash code.

Just a few steps, and you’re D-O-N-E.

Here you go:

  1. Get the Cash App
  2. Tap ‘Open’ to launch the app once it’s installed
  3. Enter your phone number or email address
  4. Verify your phone number or email address by entering the confirmation code
  5. Link a bank account
  6. Enter your first & last name
  7. Choose a $cashtag – this is your Cash App username
  8. Enter your zip code
  9. Skip this step for now – we have a separate section for this 🙂
  10. Enter the Cash App code
  11. Tap the profile icon (top right)
  12. Tap ‘enter referral code’ (bottom)
  13. Enter PZJLKLH

Step 2: Invite a Friend to Sign Up for a Cash App Account

To invite a friend to Cash App, follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Tap the profile icon (top right)
  2. Tap ‘invite friends, get $15’ (or different amount)
  3. Enter friend’s phone number or email address (this will send your referral link)


If you’d prefer to send the link via a different app, tap the ‘share’ icon in the top right to choose from Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and others.

You could also simply tap ‘copy’ and paste it into whichever app you prefer.

Step 3: Send Friend $5

To get the Cash App free money process started, you’ll need to send money to your friend to complete your first transaction.

To send the $5 for that initial payment, do the following:

  1. Tap the ‘$’ on the home screen (bottom center)
  2. Enter $5
  3. Tap ‘pay’
  4. Enter your friend’s $cashtag or name
  5. Tap ‘pay’ (top right)

Step 4: Friend Sends Back $5

Give your friend the same steps above for him/her/them to send you $5 back.

This will continue the referral code loop, which increases your free money bonus and puts more free money credit in your Cash App balance.

One more step…

Step 5: Send Friend $5 Again

Now, you’ll need to send $5 to your friend again.

Technically, this step is actually optional, because the Square Cash App cash rewards bonus loop has already been completed, but we suggest it here as sort of an extra sign-up bonus for your friend helping you out to earn money with this method.

It’s up to you though!

6. Invest in Stocks with Cash App


Once you have that sweet sign-up bonus, you may want to consider investing.

You can have access to stock market investing with your Cash App account, starting with just $1 if you’d like. [4]

They’ve got access to hundreds of publicly traded options and ETFs.

While they don’t provide advice or recommendations, that’s a great variety to get yourself warmed up.

It’s a great way to dip your toe in the water with just a few bucks if you haven’t done much investing before, plus save money on those steep investing fees some firms charge.

7. Invest in Bitcoin with Cash App

You can invest in Bitcoin with Cash App!

How cool, right?!!


You can purchase and sell Bitcoin right through Cash App, and they have super safe coin storage as well, which they store in Cash App’s offline system for maximum security.

You can also send Bitcoin through the app as well.

And all of this costs a lot less with a small fee compared to many larger firms.

It’s an excellent option for buying Bitcoin!

8. Shop with the Cash App Cash Card (Debit Card)

Want to know how to earn money on Cash App with the Cash Card?

Any active user can request a cash card, which is a debit card that links to your Cash App account just like a normal debit card links to your bank account.

It’s a great tool to use your balance and an easy way to make payments when you need to as well.


The Cash App card comes with a cash boost for many participating merchants such as Lyft, DoorDash, and many more, which allows you to save money with each purchase.


This newly linked debit card can be used for in-person purchases and online shopping, allowing users a lot of flexibility for receiving money, making payments, and making purchases like with a regular debit card.

It’s super convenient 🙂

Not to mention, you can combine these boosted offers with other similar apps such as Ibotta and Rakuten to earn cashback on top of the initial Cash App money you’ve already earned from sending friend links with their referral program.

If you play your cards right and stack promotions, you can save a ton!

9. Sell Items & Get Payment with Cash App

This one is pretty straightforward but often not thought of.

Are you looking to increase the balance available on your Cash App card?

Here’s an idea…

You can request Cash App as your payment method of choice when selling items.

You can list household items on various sites and receive payments this way.

Then you can use the balance with your debit card or transfer money to one of your bank accounts.

10. Get Paid with Cash App for Services Offered


This jumps off of the previous point, but instead of listing items for sale, you can offer services of some sort.

This free money is a great way to receive money and increase your Cash App funds to pay a bill or make a debit card purchase.

Do you have a hobby you enjoy?

Try monetizing it!

11. Follow Cash App on Twitter & Instagram

You can follow their social media accounts to stay up-to-date on news and promotions. [5]

They do giveaways and cashback opportunities including the 99% off anywhere boost!

These promotions are done randomly, so keeping an eye on their social feed will give you the best chance to score some extra dough for your digital wallet.

We’d suggest Twitter as they’re more active on that platform.

Free Money Code FAQs

Take a look at the most frequently asked questions below.

Can I have multiple Cash App accounts?

No, you cannot. This goes against the official Cash App terms of service. We’d recommend against trying to play games with the rules because they’ve been known to shut down accounts with any type of fraud by users such as this. Cash App scams are no joke and it’s in everyone’s best interest to avoid them and stick to official methods to earn cash rewards such as those discussed in the above article.

Can I do ALL of these methods to earn free cash on Cash App?

You sure can! All of the methods listed here are legit and fraud-free. They’re intended to spread the word about this awesome money app and get some Cash App free money in the process.

Is Cash App safe?

Absolutely yes! Square has put a lot of safety and security measures in place for Cash App that protects your identity, your assets and keeps your resources very safe.

Are there good Cash App alternatives?

Yes, there are many money transfer apps out there that accept payments, facilitate transfers, and even connect to bank accounts or even a debit card. But is Cash App similar to them? The thing is, none of them really have many of the features that Cash App offers, such as Bitcoin functionality, the ability to purchase stocks, and more.

Can I sign up for both a business account and a personal one?

Technically, you could, using different information during the sign-up process. That being said, you’re supposed only to have one account per person, so having both a business account and a personal one would technically violate Cash App’s terms of service.

Do they have accounts for kids?

Yes, you may use Cash App for kids aged 13 to 17-year-olds. Adult/parent approval is required, but the teen can access the Cash App card, which is very similar to a prepaid debit card.

Is Cash App Giving Away Money?

Yes and No. Let me explain. Cash App is not outright giving away money for nothing. If you sign-up as a new user and use Cash App to transfer $5 to another user you’ll be eligible for a $5 sign-up bonus. There are additional bonuses and Cash Card boosts that give you free money once you complete the terms of the bonus. If anyone is trying to give you free money involving Cash App it’s most likely a scam.

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