Best Money Transfer Apps 2021 Quickly Send Cash Instantly With No Fees


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Yes, there are quite a few money transfer app options…

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Best Apps to Send Money Online Instantly

Here is a run-down of the best apps to send money online quickly.

Best Apps to Send Money Online Instantly

1. Cash App

Cash App is quickly becoming a favorite money transfer app among US citizens. [1]

It’s highly rated by people who use it and has an easy-to-understand interface for sending money between two bank accounts.

It’s also free to sign up & send money!

It continues to remain a free app until you reach $10,000 in transfers per week – after that, there is a fee of 1% on transactions (aside from transfers within the Cash App itself).

Plus, the app offers investment features with both stocks and Bitcoin, which make for a great way to get started as a beginner.

2. Venmo

Venmo is a money transfer app that allows you to send money instantly online using your smartphone. [2]

It’s a great money transfer app for friends & family, as it allows you to see when money has been received and leaves a record of transactions for both parties.

While it’s not typically used for business, Venmo is still an excellent money transfer option when sending money between individuals.

It also has some social features built-in, which is unique.

3. PayPal

PayPal is an excellent money transfer option when sending money between individuals. [3]

You can send money using your bank account or linked debit card, and there’s no charge to transfer money.  

The money can be sent immediately, and the recipient doesn’t need a PayPal account to receive it.

It’s super convenient!

To do business with vendors that use PayPal for payments, you’ll need to have an account yourself.

You can pay or get paid quickly & easily 🙂

You’re also able to download apps that let you manage your accounts from anywhere.

4. Zelle

Zelle is a bank-account-to-bank-account money transfer service that uses mobile apps to quickly send money in the US. [4]

With Zelle, there are absolutely no fees!

They also don’t have minimum amounts associated with transfers.

All users need to do is make sure their payment funds are available in their bank account – then money can be transferred via the app from bank to bank.

As well as being able to money transfer straight into the recipient’s accounts, Zelle is also available for money transfers between users’ bank accounts that have been paid directly.

For example, an individual may be selling something on a marketplace website such as eBay or Fiverr.

5. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is best known for keeping in touch with friends and family, but money transfers can also be made via Facebook Pay. [5]

Sounds pretty easy, huh?!

Unfortunately, money transfers through Facebook Messenger do attract fees; however, there is far less concern when it comes to money being sent as opposed to money being received.

As money can be transferred via Facebook Messenger directly from a bank account using the app’s integration with such accounts, money transfers made on Messenger will also appear in the app itself

This makes it much easier to keep track of money received and money sent than it would have been if money transfers were carried out between two separate apps.

6. Western Union

Western Union is one of the oldest money transfer apps and it is still in use today, alongside newer money transfer apps like TransferWise and Xoom. [6]

Western Union allows money to be sent internationally via its website or app for a usually small fee (the transaction fee varies depending on the type of money transfer service, with services such as ‘same day’ attracting higher fees).


Western Union money transfers can also be tracked by recipients.

Money transfers through Western Union are obviously limited geographically; however, money can be transferred everywhere that there are branches of Western Union across the globe.

It is well worth noting that money sent through Western Union will take at least half an hour to arrive with its recipient.

7. Google Pay

Google Pay is the Google money transfer app that offers money transfers through the Gmail app. [7]

Sending money is much like sending an email, adding money to a recipient’s account.

Very user-friendly 🙂

Funds can be transferred internationally for a low fee of $0.3 or 0.5% (depending on the service used), with money being received in only a few minutes after it has been sent via Google Pay money transfers.

Google Pay money transfers are instantaneous and can be tracked at all times; they also have no limits on how much money you can send overseas per transaction.

8. Apple Pay

Apple Pay is available exclusively to iPhone users but allows them to send money from their phone to another person’s Apple Pay wallet by linking their bank account with their iPhone. [8]

Apple Pay money transfers are fast, easy, and secure, with money being received within a few minutes after money is sent using your iPhone.

There’s no money limit for sending money with Apple Pay money transfers but transaction fees can vary based on the bank that you use.

Best Apps to Send Money Internationally


Here is our breakdown of the best apps to send money overseas.

1. WorldRemit

WorldRemit is one of the best money transfer apps that is used for international money transfers. [10]

Money can be sent to over 180 countries around the world.

Money that is being sent using WorldRemit, money transfers are done in real-time, and money can be sent from over 2100 locations across the globe.

2. Wise (Previously TransferWise)

Wise is money transfer app money to be transferred. [12]

Wise money transfers that money can be transferred from over 2100 locations in this time and money is received instantly after the money has been sent.

The money transfer app wise also allows the user to save money on money transfers as it eliminates hidden bank charges when money is transferred between currencies, this way money is being spent less and can lead to a higher profit margin for both sender and receiver.

3. Azimo

Azimo is a money transfer app that money can be sent, you can do international transfers and receive money. [11]

Money transfers can also happen instantly using the Azimo app.

To send money, the user needs to open an account and create a profile in order for money to reach its destination.

4. Xoom

Xoom is a money transfer app that specializes in sending money abroad.

The company is backed by PayPal and has excellent foreign transfer fees.

If you are familiar with PayPal then this service might work great for you.

Other Useful Ways to Send Money Online

Other Useful Ways to Send Money Online

For other ways to transfer money, you can take a look below for ways to send money by debit card, credit card, and online.

Send Money Online by Debit Card

You can use many of these money transfer apps to transfer money with a debit card.

Many money transfer apps will charge a fee to do so, though.

Your best to avoid transfer fees when transferring money is to use your bank accounts.

Send Money Online by Credit Card

There are only a few money transfer apps that allow you to transfer money using a credit card.

PayPal does allow this, although they do charge a fee for using a credit card instead of a linked bank account.

The nice thing is that you can save many different payment method options.

Send Moneygram Online

To send a Moneygram, money needs to be deposited with, and money can be sent through a money remittance location or online, money can also be sent by calling money gram customer support numbers in India and the US. [9]

Send money online using your net banking account or credit card when using Moneygram.

Best Apps to Send Money FAQs

Are there other money transfer apps than what’s listed here?

Yes, there sure are! There are hundreds of different money transfer apps, all with different features and priorities, although they all have the same objective, which is to allow users to transfer money as simply and painless as possible (preferably with just a few taps).

Are money transfer apps safe?

Most of them are quite safe, yes (definitely all of the ones listed here in this article). They tend to have fraud detection technology and other safety measures built into their mobile app.


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