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How To Create Multiple Cash App Accounts

Are you here because you’re wondering…can you have two Cash App accounts?

Regardless of why you may want to know how to have 2 Cash App accounts, we’re here to help.

Whether or not you’ve already created one Cash App account, we’ll help you get all set up.

In this article, we’ll discuss:

Yes, there is a lot of information out there when it comes to having a Cash App account and whether or not you can create a second account.

So get ready & let’s dive in!

Can You Have 2 Cash App Accounts?

Can You Have 2 Cash App Accounts

First of all, it is against Cash App’s terms of service to have multiple accounts. [1]

We would recommend you close your current Cash App account first before opening a new one, but that is your choice to make.

Technically yes, you can have two Cash App accounts. One personal account & one business account but each must have its own unique email addresses & bank accounts. You need to add different email addresses, debit or credit cards & bank accounts to your 2nd Cash App account.

So, to put it plainly, yes you can physically have two Cash App accounts if you sign up with your first Cash App account with the personal account setting or choose to set up a business account.

Then when you go to set up the second account, you can choose the opposite.

Just make sure to use a different mobile number, bank account, and email address to keep the multiple accounts separate.

While this is a working solution, we still recommend keeping just one account active at once in order to stay within Cash App’s official terms of service.

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How to delete your active Cash App account:

  1. Tap ‘Cash Out’ in the Banking tab
  2. Tap your profile icon
  3. Select ‘Support’ from the options
  4. Choose ‘Something Else’
  5. Tap ‘Account Settings’
  6. Select ‘Close my Cash App Account”
  7. Tap “Confirm” to close your account

How To Sign Up for a New Account

  1. Download & install Cash App to your device
  2. Enter a phone number or email for your login ID
  3. Verify your account by entering the code that was sent to you via your login ID method (phone number or email)
  4. After verification, choose whether to add a bank account immediately or skip it and do it later
  5. Choose a $Cashtag, which is your unique identifier in Cash App, sort of your username

You’re all set with a new account now!

Can You Have 2 Cash App Cards?

If you have 2 Cash App accounts, then yes you can get a Cash App card (debit card) for each.

There’s no secret here.

You just select the option to receive a free Cash Card with each account.

This works the same whether you’ve chosen a personal account or business account, and you can simply switch accounts

Can You Have 2 Cash App Accounts with the Same Card?

This is not currently possible.

Each Cash App account will have access to its own unique Cash Card.

Can You Have 2 Cash App Cards on One Account?

Also no to this one.

You can have multiple accounts on Cash App, but there are a few limitations.

One of these is that you can only have one card per account and vice versa.

Requirements for a Second Cash App Account

This one is simple.

Again, we suggest NOT creating a second account in the first place but rather use just one single account with one Cash App card.

Cash App’s terms of service do not allow a second account for the same person.

Requirements for a Second Cash App Account

If you need to have another account for business purposes though and you need to keep your personal account separate, it is technically possible.

You just need separate information for each account.

This includes:

  • Email address (email ID)
  • Phone number
  • Bank accounts

This works especially well if you’re keeping your old Cash App account for personal use and creating a new account for business use.

You can use your regular bank account for personal and your business bank account for the business account.

The same goes for the phone numbers and email addresses.

How to Create Multiple Cash App Accounts


If you’re just here to figure out how to get that second Cash App account set up, here’s how:

  • Open Cash App on your phone
  • Tap the ‘Profile’ icon at the top
  • Tap on the ‘Sign Out’ option at the bottom
  • You will be redirected to the ‘Sign In’ page
  • Click on the ‘Sign Up’ option to create a new Cash App account
  • Start the sign-up process – use a different email address or phone number
  • Verify the phone number or email address
  • Select the country and choose your account type as either business or personal
  • Next, add your debit cards (this is how to add bank accounts, as a card)
  • Enter your personal info such as address & zip code
  • Follow all the on-screen instructions to finish setting up a new Cash App account

Note: Make sure to use a different mobile number, bank account, and email address than when you signed up with your first account.

Can You Link 2 Cash App Accounts?

You can merge accounts on Cash App together if you’re not interested in switching between two accounts anymore.

Here’s how:

  • Open Cash App on your phone
  • Tap on the profile icon (top right)
  • Tap ‘Personal’
  • Tap ‘Add Phone or email’ to add the other Cash App account details
  • Once you’ve added the email or number, the Cash App will merge both the accounts into one

Note: If you lost access to one of the accounts and wanna merge the two, you need to contact Cash App customer service to help you with it. [1]

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Multiple Cash App Accounts FAQ

How do I change a personal account to business or vice versa?

You can contact Cash Support to help with this pretty quickly! Just let Cash App customer service know that you’d like to have your account switched and they’ll do it for you. [2]

Can I have 2 bank accounts on Cash App?

No, you can only enter bank details for one external source at a time. That’s at least the case currently, however it may change in the future as Cash App grows even more popular.

Can you borrow money with Cash App?

There is a Cash App borrow money feature aptly called Borrow, but it’s currently boasting a very limited availability. Keep your eyes peeled for changes to that!


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